Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Day minus 21 - The Adventures Keep Coming.

I thought I better get this blog started as I am beginning to direct people to it… and let’s face it, they will want something to read.

They say third time lucky and yes on our third try, we are finally well and truly set to cruise around South America…

Our first try, well really wasn’t much of a try. Whilst on the 2011 World Cruise, a super duper, you beaut deal came out to do this same cruise back in 2012 on the Grand, hmm or was it the Crown Princess?  Like dominoes the cabins fell of the availability list as word starting filtering around the ship that anyone whose anyone was booking.  By the time we decided to jump on the band wagon, it was totally booked out, and alas we were the 42millionth people on the waitlist.

We were not long home when those plans were dumped as Princess released a Circle Pacific Cruise, and then that got gazumped when they released the 90 Day Round Europe cruise….

Our second try was 84 Days Round South America – Sydney to Sydney, woo hoo …. One of the first to book…  But once again our plans were thwarted when a delay in the settlement of our new apartment was destined to coincide during the time we would be on the other side of the world.

Touch wood this time, we are 21 days out of boarding our flight that will take us to Ft Lauderdale Via Dallas, to join the Royal Princess on our 49 day Grand South America Adventure.